Woolton Hall – No News is Bad News


Woolton Hall is one of only 27 grade 1 listed buildings in Liverpool and most of them are on the docks. It dates from 1704 and was remodelled by Robert Adams in 1774 – it is considered to be one of the famous architect’s best works. It is one of Liverpool’s heritage treasures but has been empty for many years. I blogged about it in January 2015 at the height of the St Julies furore when it was on the market with Savills estate agents with an existing planning consent for the hall to be refurbished as a day care centre and  become the centrepiece of a new build care home facility. Someone visited about two years ago and took some photos that show that it wasn’t in too bad a condition – in visual terms at least. http://www.derelictplaces.co.uk/main/residential-sites/30679-woolton-hall-liverpool-sept-14-a.html

Since then not a dicky bird. In a previous incarnation I worked on the conservation of historic buildings and areas and the alarm bells are ringing. For historic buildings at risk no news is bad news. South Liverpool is peppered with the sites of similar mansions which have long been demolished and replaced with detached up-market houses. The maths are simple: for a developer a site is worth a lot more with the historic building gone. No need to do anything –General Winter or  fire-raising vandals will do the work. And once it’s down no one can prove that it wasn’t dangerous. The site of the old St Julies school adjacent to the hall will become available once the new school now going up is completed. Those alarm bells are making my ears ache.

I tried to contact Chris Griffiths, the Council’s conservation officer, but he has left and not been replaced. The Council’s planning people say that two years ago a party was informed that retirement apartments would be a suitable use of the site. Since then, nothing. I will check with the  Woolton Society and will endeavour to get the building added to the Historic Buildings at Risk register. If anyone has any news concerning the hall please get in touch.

One thought on “Woolton Hall – No News is Bad News

  1. can’t believe the City has not taken the job on of restoring this beautiful Manor. I lived in Hunts Cross and used to get the bus to the swimming baths. I couldn’t wait for the bus to get to the Mansion to see the beauty of it again.This is a historic building of significance having been built in 1704 and deserves to be saved. Bring it back to it’s former beauty and have historic tours.
    Far too many beautiful buildings have come down in favour of cement buildings of no beauty or historical value. Liverpool is known for more than just the Beatles and everything should be done to save this building.

    I would love to hear any updates.

    Rosemary (Armstrong) Folco

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