Woolton Woods: John Lennon Link



The recent Eric Pickles ruling on the Welsh Streets in Liverpool recognised the importance of the Beatles heritage – namely Ringo Starr’s birthplace – in his decision. As many people are aware, John Lennon grew up in Woolton and is associated, along with the other Beatles, with many buildings and sites – the baths, library, picture house, Strawberry Fields, St Peter’s Church Hall, his childhood home on Menlove Avenue, Eleanor Rigby’s grave. In David Ashton’s memoir (‘The Vanished World of  a Woolton Childhood with John Lennon’ – on the internet) he recalls roaming through Woolton Woods – sadly under threat at the moment from the mayor and the corpy – with the young John Lennon. Julia Baird, John’s step-sister, mentions John and Cynthia courting there in her book (‘Imagine This’) – and catching them  snogging in the long grass. No, I’ve not found the tree with their names carved either side of a heart and I’m not going to locate the wall. Enough detail.

You can see the makings of a Woolton Village John Lennon trail here. And if Ringo’s birthplace can be a Liverpool cultural heritage asset why not Woolton Woods where John and Cynthia spent so many happy hours?



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