Welcome to my website. I write crime mystery novels – with a touch of noir – set in Merseyside and the north of England. The themes are often dark but the stories are always served with a generous helping of black humour. My influences are as much films – Chinatown, Get  Carter, Point Blank – as books but I have been inspired by writers ranging from Jim Thompson and Christopher Brookmyre to Joseph Conrad and Cormac McCarthy.

My first novel, A Fair Wack, and my second, Time Lapse, are available as paperbacks and  ebooks on Amazon as is my new novel Not Without Risk, published in November 2017; click on the images above. You can read a selection of reviews and the first chapter of each book on the relevant My Books page. I’m not a bestseller yet: A Fair Wack got to 15 in the noir genre but you have to reach the top 100 overall to claim bestseller status. Here’s hoping!

I have set up pages covering the settings of my novels and my interests which range from rock climbing to conservation of historic buildings and areas. In my blog, I occasionally review books and films. Please let me know what you think. Good or bad!

Awesome Indies (a non profit making organisation) recently included both A Fair Wack and Time Lapse in their list of books by independently published authors recommended by publishing professionals as meeting mainstream publishing standards of quality. 

Link  http://www.awesomeindies.net/



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